We are so happy you are here! We are excited to invite you to historic gatherings of women from all ages and walks of life throughout 2018. The Rising has become a movement of women awakening to the purpose and leadership potential God has hard-wired into them. Birthed out of the friendships of 5 pastors in the DC Metro area, each celebrating the voice, value and strength in every woman, we are intentional about seeing women experience the full life God has prepared for them!

So clear your schedule and invite your girlfriends because we cannot wait to see you!

All our Love,

Donna, Heather, Jill, Lora xoxo





Not a princess party but a movement.
Friends together side by side.
Worlds colliding with joy,
laughter and strength.
Leading and following,
courageous and unstoppable.

Perfectly imperfect, marked by Grace.
Brave to the core, lavishly generous.
Humanity’s encourager.
Mercy’s voice for the voiceless.

Rising on purpose.
Fully present.
Entrusted and empowered.
Changing our world.

Reverberating on
through the legacy we leave.
The justice we carry.
The freedom we extend.
We are heaven’s echo.

The Rising is a collective story of girls all across the DC Metro area joining together, our voices becoming stronger, our relationships and stories intertwined in the tapestry of His grace.  Each of us, single threads woven together to see the greater cause of Christ reached…women valued, empowered, and raised up to find and use our voices to bring light, hope, and solution to the cry of humanity around us.