By: Taryn Stine

In November had the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel with my super hot, bearded hubby and 25 people from our church.  I jumped on that opportunity leaving my four young kiddos behind and prepared to have the time of my life. And I did have the time of my life!  We saw everything we could possibly see in those 10 days and I had so many God moments just walking where Jesus had walked.

The most significant moment for me happened on our last full day in Israel.  That morning, we landed at the Garden Tomb, where Jesus was buried and rose from the grave.  An older British gentleman retold the story of  Jesus’ final moments on the Earth.  As he told the story found in Luke 23, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time and the story came alive to me like never before.  In those moments, I heard about Jesus being in great physical agony and how He experienced rejection even from those closest to Him not to exclude His own Heavenly Father.  But still, even in His moments of greatest agony, Jesus cried out for God to forgive the sins of those around Him.  As He drew His last breathes while on the cross He was offering salvation to the criminal dying beside Him.  

I had a serious “God just wrecked me” moment realizing just how “All In” Jesus truly was. Over and over, Jesus made His mission clear to us in the Gospels.  His mission was to seek and save that which was lost.  He came for us and He was all about that mission even when it was inconvenient, even when it cost Him much, and even when He was greatly misunderstood.  He was “All In” no matter what.  I walked through the tomb of Jesus still pondering these thoughts and when I came to the place in the garden where our group would take communion together I heard the Lord whisper, “Are you all in?”  

The Lord has a way of gently speaking to us that at times it can stop us dead in our tracks and that is exactly what happen to me.  I thought to myself, how could I not be as all in as He so amazingly modeled for me. I responded to the Lord, “I want to be all in just like that even to the point I want you to inconvenience me with it. Lord, I want to learn a new way to love and lead…so yes, I am all in.  There is no other way for me to live from now on.”

I needed the Lord to show me another way because I had gotten pretty comfortable.  So what did I say yes to? A lifetime of learning to love the way Jesus loves with no “I have arrived” moment in sight.   As soon as I grow to the next uncomfortable place of learning to love He then shows me the next place He is calling me to go.  Like I told Him in that moment in Israel, I am fully committed to being “all in” just like Him.


pastor_portrait-1Pastor Taryn Stine loves serving alongside husband, Pastor David Stine, lead pastor of DC Metro Church, a multi-campus church. Behind the scenes, you’ll find her helping implement strategy and organization. Her passion for women’s ministry birthed DC Sisterhood, where she casts vision for and speaks monthly. She desires to see an army of women, rising up and gathering to worship God. While she enjoys watching HGTV and renovating homes, her main priority comes through family. Pastor David and Taryn have three adventurous boys, Isaac, Josiah and Asher and a sweet little girl, Karis.


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