By: Donna Pisani

I had to call the police.

Awakened at 3 AM by the sound of car alarms in my neighborhood quickly brought me out of bed to peer out the window of our Capital Hill home.

There had been a number of cars stolen in our neighborhood over the years (including our daughters) which was disconcerting to say the least. So you can understand how horrified I was at that moment to see a couple of young guys sauntering down the road trying the door handles of every car they passed.

But it wasn’t until they tried to break into MY car, setting the car alarm off, that I called the police. Within seconds there were three cop cars trolling the streets with spotlights that shined into the darkest corners and recesses of our neighborhood.

As I buried myself back into the warmth of my bed’s comforters and pillows, I found myself feeling safe, secure, and confident that nothing would be taken because the “enforcers” were out there protecting us.

Then in the stillness of the night I heard God speak to me. “Have you been as diligent keeping watch over the promises I have given you that the enemy has attempted to steal?”

He continued, “And not just for you, but for those around you?”

Hmm….maybe not?

I know enough that when God asks a question it’s not because he doesn’t know the answer!

How about you friend? Can you think of a few things that have been stolen from YOU this week (all under the banner of a lie that tells you that the promise is not for you, or that what you’re facing is too big for God to handle)?  Or maybe the words you’re “not enough” have been on repeat.  The mental battles that we face daily often steal the joy, peace and confidence of unlimited promises God has designed for us to live with.

Listening to the whisper of the truth above the din of lies is everything.  It’s the beginning of taking back what Jesus has already paid for.

What does that look like for you?  Here’s the simple truth my friend: What you rise above you have authority over.

So, your “tiara story” is not about hosting a princess party (as fun as sparkles and pink sounds!).  It’s about understanding that because Jesus overcame, so can you.  And that is leading your self well.  It’s #girlboss personified.

The Rising emblem is a crown this year.  It’s a picture of our collective story, rising with authority TOGETHER.

Not faking perfection, but with strength understanding that every scar and crack IS and integral part of our story. Our TIARA STORY.

Rise up and take back what’s yours. brave one.  We ALL need who you are and what you bring to the table.

All my love!
Donna xoxo

Donna Pisani co-pastors Capital City Church in Washington, D.C. with the love of her life, Dennis Pisani. She is addicted to kale chips, chocolate (preferably not together) and loves a good cappuccino.  She cherishes family time and date nights  and is currently hooked on Downton Abbey.  She is committed to seeing women flourish in life. For more, you can follow her on Facebook @donnapisani, Twitter @donnapisani and Instagram @donnapisani.

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