By: Lora Batterson

It’s February and most people have probably stumbled by now on a few New Years’ resolutions, right?  The gym might be a little less crowded and we may not be mastering our calendar like we intended.  As Joyce Meyers says, “Good intentions never change anything.  They only become a deeper and deeper rut.”  Which leaves me to contemplate perhaps focusing on things that are longer lasting.

As we were approaching the new year, my husband and I were trying to choose a word to focus on in 2016. I went through an exercise of reviewing my journals from last year and writing down themes and words that jumped out at me. But I have a hard time boiling it down to one word. So.Much.Pressure. While my husband is good at wrapping things up in neat packages and packing big thoughts into little phrases, I’m a little wordier (Is that even a word?).  So, I kept all of the words that I wrote down and attached a question to each. This has become what I am calling my GUT CHECK for 2016.  It’s a list I periodically look at (or on an as-needed basis, look at) to gauge how my heart is doing.  Because sometimes I have to question myself from every angle to get at the root of things.

Conviction – Am I standing on truth?

Surrender – Are my hands open?

Presence – Am I offering to be fully present?

Humility – In what spirit am I coming to the table?

Becoming – Who am I becoming in this situation?

Value – How do I assign value in this moment?

Security – Where does my security lie?

Gracism – Am I extending positive favor?

That last word is one of my new favorites, thanks to Dr. David Anderson of Bridgeway Community Church. This journey called life is in need of a constant gut check. Not only asking myself these questions, but giving other people permission to ask me these questions. And I thank God regularly for the women that He has placed in my life to help me on the journey.  Four of them–Donna, Jill, Taryn and Heather–are not only taking that journey with me, but we are thrilled to join together and take that journey with the rest of the DC Metro area through The Rising Conference.  God has placed it on all of our hearts to join hands across church lines and to rise up TOGETHER, in unity, as girls on a divine journey.

Now it’s your turn–do a gut check…then RISE UP!



LoraLora Batterson is married to Mark, who pastors a vibrant church in the D.C. metro area called the National Community Church. Together they have three beautiful children. She loves living in the heart of Capitol Hill and going out for coffee every day off with her husband. She also thinks that the french toast at Eastern Market is the best in the world. For more, you can follow her on Twitter @lorabatterson.


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