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Let’s be the change together.



Seeing women rise up and BE the change in their world is the motivation and heart behind all we do. Each year at Conference, we honor women who display courage and determination, many times in spite of personal adversity and needs.

Who: We will be celebrating women who display leadership by making positive changes in their communities. Women who have decided to rise above fear and the “what-ifs” and the “I’m not enoughs” to impact their family, workplace, or community.

How: We invite YOU to nominate that special woman who has exemplified courage and audacious generosity.

Winners are awarded recognition at Conference, free registration to conference, gift card to a Spa for their contributions to the community. 

This has become one of the most cherished moments of Conference as we applaud the heart, innovation and sheer determination of these incredible women.

All nominations are due by April 6th.