Here are three reasons The Rising conference is an experience you don’t want to miss…
1. It’s girl time, personified. The creative moments, heartfelt worship, and down-to-earth teachings from the incredible people who grace the stage will forge long lasting memories and impart Godly wisdom helping you and your friends to do life well together! So, if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and register yourself and your BFF.

2. Leadership Lunch! Make lunch mean something by registering to attend the Leadership Lunch (open to anyone in leadership or interested in diving into leadership) held on the Saturday of conference in between sessions. Check back here next week for additional info and to register.

3. You can change the world. Churches across Washington, D.C. are coming together through The Rising to respond to the Syrian Refugee crisis. The A21 Campaign, founded by Christine Caine,  had the idea to transform shipping containers into water containers that would bring much needed relief, hope, and care. Refugees will go to the containers several times a day to stay hydrated, clean their clothes, and shower. We are all coming together to raise $25,000 to fund a container. Be a part of our world-changing efforts by clicking HERE to learn more and donate.