By: Maegan Hawley

Ethic has a simple, yet daring belief: fashion can empower women to overcome poverty. Yes, fashion!  Ethic is a jewelry and accessories brand dedicated to creating jobs for women at risk.

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It all started on Valentine’s Day, 2011 when I visited the jewelry shop of an anti-trafficking organization in Thailand and shopped ‘till I dropped. You should have seen my suitcase! Later that evening, I went to the bars and literally had to purchase time to talk with a woman working there. Sitting across the table from her, she shared where she was from, how old her kids were… normal stuff, but it really impacted me. I realized shops like the one I visited hours before provided the best and healthiest economic opportunity for women at risk of being stuck in the sex industry. Not only did they have a job that paid them a sustainable salary, they also had a community and holistic care.

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Ethic now partners with organizations in Ethiopia and Thailand by employing the women they work with to make Ethic jewelry. We are designers by trade, but our real mission is to help women across the globe step into their potential and cheer them on as they set their families on a new trajectory.

Everything we wear is made by someone, somewhere. Our artisans inspire us to live a beautiful life, regardless of the circumstances. Their brave, adventurous and resilient spirit is contagious in each piece.

To learn more about the power of a purchase and view the new Spring ’16 collection, visit Join us on Instagram at @ethicgoods.

Ethic is excited to partner with The Rising! All of Ethic’s proceeds from The Rising will go to the fund for the A21 water container.



Maegan Headshot 3Maegan Hawley, the founder of Ethic, loves design and is passionate about addressing injustice. Until Ethic, she thought those two had to be separate! Maegan is an outgoing introvert, foodie, and dabbles in real estate. When not working on Ethic, she and her husband Jeff can be found flipping their first property. They attend National Community Church.





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