By: Kati Siconolfi

“You should get a cat,” a family friend innocently suggested. There I was, at a friend’s wedding, surrounded by couples, and my date was…well… Jesus.

Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh at well-meaning suggestions regarding my relationship status, like singleness is a disease. Get a hobby. Be more open. Smile more. Or my personal favorite, get a cat.

The Parable of the Talents tells me a different story about this time in my life, though. Remember the parable? A money manager heads off for a long journey, entrusting his servants with different amounts of talents to invest while he’s gone.

Mostly everyone in the parable has a happy ending, except for the servant that buried his talent in the ground. As you can imagine, that one did not end well. When the money manager returns, he casts the servant away in utter darkness.

In this parable, I see the concept of a “talent” as something so much more then a personal ability or an amount of money. I see a talent as an opportunity. In me and my singleness, He has entrusted a valuable opportunity that I will never get again—unlimited freedom and unlimited time.

Now, I can bury these talents in the ground via “sassy single nights,” ( i.e., binge watching on Amazon Prime with my favorite ice cream). I can waste my time comparing myself to others or trying to convince God that the gift of singleness really should come with a return policy.

Or, I can accept God’s invitation for a new adventure, and invest these talents with Him. I can take this time to really know God, learn, grow and help others.  In doing so, I get the privilege of investing  in things that are so much greater then my daily circumstances.

After all, my decisions shape my story. I would love it to be one worth telling.

So, friend, what talents has God entrusted you with this season? You will never regret going an adventure with Him!

A great way to find out is to join the Rising DC on May 13-14 at DAR Constitution Hall. It’s a great invitation to encounter God like never before. Register here!

P.S. I still have a strong “no cats” policy, though. Even one cat, no matter how adorable, is basically a gateway drug to me someday knitting sweaters for my ten plus cats on a Friday…


43706b40-7856-49bc-a1c9-d83ce7b7fa6dKati Siconolfi works at a nonprofit in Arlington, VA. She loves the DC restaurant scene, good political debates, and all things Kate Spade (although not necessarily in that order). She has attended Capital City Church since  fall 2009, and loves the vibrant community here.