By: Stevey-Wonderfu! Legters

When I went into King County Records office to legally change my name in 2005, ‘Something’ told me to ask if I could have punctuation in my name and in that moment the letter ‘l’ in ‘wonderful’ became an exclamation point. Who does that? I now know that it was God, trying to tell me to live my life as an exclamation rather than a question. Since I battled depression for several decades, I had called myself a lot of things that indeed ended in an exclamation, but none of them good, I think that was His point.

Before the beginning of time, God knew all that He wanted for your life. That means your life is pre-punctuated! Consider when an exclamatory sentence is written in the Spanish language, there is an upside down exclamation point preceding whatever words are written. We are given a glimpse into the tenor of what we’re about to read; given a taste of what is about to happen. And so it is with our lives! God’s already written in the setting (time in history, geography, etc.), the plot (His plan, your innate abilities/aptitudes, and life’s circumstances), and the characters (your friends, foes, and family). Your free will is the pen that allows you to fill in the blanks. When you put them all together, you get your ‘life sentence’ and He’s cooking up something good! Where’s Emeril? BAM!

Here’s what I think: A question mark is just an exclamation point in training. It’s either not gained the strength and maturity to stand tall, to its full potential, OR it’s bowed to the circumstances of life and now feels it can “in no way raise itself up” like the woman in the Bible that was bent over for 18 years. (Check out her story in Luke 13:10-17.) Well, SPOILER ALERT! A single encounter with the One and this sister cut loose!

God said, “¡Do You!” So enough with this “¿Do you?” living. You’ve got this friend. Go shine!



stevey wonderful

Stevey-Wonderfu! Legters is a worshipper, Word lover, wife, wordsmith, and GrammyToo to AJ. She is a member of The City Church in Washington D.C., where she serves with her husband of 22 years, Lyman, as Care Pastors, Prayer Team leads, and pre-marital coaches. Stevey likes to say she’s in the exhort-export business and that her mission, mined from Philemon 1:6 is: “That the sharing of my faith, in God, in people, and the gifts He’s placed in them, would become effective because I acknowledge every good thing that is in them and in me in Christ Jesus!” She is also a new blogger ( and is currently working on her first book, “What’s My Wonderful?!”


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