By: Heather Giroux

A newspaperman, born and bred in Wisconsin, once vividly characterized the most vibrant time of the year.

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”

This mid-western journalist could appreciate the joy of turning the corner on a harsh winter even while it still clipped at his heels. Cold toes? Wet feet? Who cares?

When Paul penned Romans 8:28, he had experienced his share of cold toes, wet feet and more but knew that even slush holds out a promise: snow melts.

“We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.” (The Voice)

Yet, that verse is probably one of the more puzzling Scriptures you’ve ever committed to memory. Why? Because when you’re left standing in the slush of an unfulfilled promise or the seemingly harsh No’s God can dole out, you pepper yourself with questions shaded by confusion like, “How is this good?  How does that outcome benefit me? Does that Scripture even apply to me or is it only for those ‘Super Christians’ who see God’s goodness in everything. Everything?”

Any kind of deprivation or painful challenge or even just a long wait can feel like a bitter winter of disappointment just making its way to grimy mounds of slush. But peek a little closer at the Scripture.

 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” (KJV)

Does that mean your outcomes will always look pretty to you? Always feel good or even make you happy? Not necessarily. What it does mean is that you serve a good, kind, and just God who knows the end from the beginning.

Trust that God has your best interest in mind. God is working in the background. He’s thinking about the things that matter in your life. He loves to minister to you in the details. Your faith in what God promises in His word will catapult you into the spring of your promise. He’s teaching you to trust Him.

So, let your Spring of 2016 be the fulfillment of God’s silent, deep, hidden and sometimes harsh winter of preparation. Allow it to hold the beginning of a riotous, colorful burst of His glory overtaking you! He tells you that you are,

“…the spring crocus blooming on the Sharon Plain, the lily of the valley. Like a lily among thistles is my darling among young women.” Song of Solomon 2:1-2 (NLT)

You are called according to His purpose. You love God. In Spring of 2016,

“Ask the Lord for rain in the spring, for he makes the storm clouds. And he will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture.” Zechariah 10:1 (NLT)

He will move you from mourning to joy. He will enrobe you in justice and a garment of praise to replace the despair!

“Look, the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. The flowers are springing up, the season of singing birds has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air. The fig trees are forming young fruit, and the fragrant grapevines are blossoming. Rise up, my darling! Come away with me, my fair one!” Solomon 2: 11-13 (NLT)

The snow of your winter–the one that blanketed a life He was slowly and steadily nurturing under its bitter chill–will melt.  Spring 2016 is thawing with promise. Working. Together. For your Good!




Heather Giroux Co- Pastors The City Church with her best friend and husband Michael Giroux.  She loves family time with her husband and four boys including caddying for her boys’ in golf tournaments. In her free time she likes TRX training as much as she can. For more, you can follow her on Twitter @heathermgiroux


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