Not a princess party but a movement.
Friends together side by side.
Worlds colliding with joy,
laughter and strength.
Leading and following,
courageous and unstoppable.

Perfectly imperfect, marked by Grace.
Brave to the core, lavishly generous.
Humanity’s encourager.
Mercy’s voice for the voiceless.

Rising on purpose.
Fully present.
Entrusted and empowered.
Changing our world.

Reverberating on
through the legacy we leave.
The justice we carry.
The freedom we extend.
We are heaven’s echo.

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The Rising conference is going to be a life changing weekend with hundreds of girls at DAR CONSTITUTION HALL, plus guest speakers Christine Caine, Lisa Harper and Robert Madu. Who are YOU bringing? Don’t wait to REGISTER!

“”Conference has always been a ton of fun to serve at! I know it’s made a huge impact on many women who show up not knowing what to expect and leave feeling refreshed and inspired!” –Liz