By: Donna Pisani

Hey Friend!

2016 is the year of The Rising. How do I know this? Because far too many of us have been strapped down with fear, difficulty, hurt and a multiplicity of handicaps and hardships for longer than we’d like to admit. All of us are yearning to fly and be free.

I believe there is a ground swell—a heart’s cry—echoing to shake off all that is holding us back from being heard and making a difference.

It’s a rising up of the feminine heart at this time in history.

I’m not sure what last year looked like for you. I don’t know whether it was the best of times or the worst, but for me it was a bit of both. I had some of the most amazing and exhilarating experiences wedged into some of the most difficult challenges of my life. One thing I have learned in my 50+ years is that there is always sweetness somewhere in the struggle. There is always strength in the stretch. And the stretch always changes the way we see and hear.

And so it was in the midst of an immense struggle over last year’s Beautiful You Conference, I felt the Lord whisper to me “Are you willing to release this? Because I want this to be bigger than just one church hosting a conference. This is about THE church facilitating a movement.”

Those words were game changing.

So, what was formerly Beautiful You Conference is now The Rising, birthed out of the relationship of five local DC Metro area churches. Little did Lora, Jill, Heather, Taryn or myself know five years ago when we first started meeting monthly for coffee that God saw the vast landscape of what we would do together in the future.

The Rising.

It’s a move that has the potential to make history. Because there is nothing more powerful than women who are determined to rise, and even more so when they rise together; not intimidated by comparison, but cheering each other on in strength and purpose.

To be honest with you, while we are excited about this, we don’t see the full picture of all it encompasses yet. But this one thing I know is, we’ve all said yes to the God invitation to do this together. And there’s something pretty amazing and powerful about that.

This is an invitation for you to join us on this journey. We’ll grow, learn and have a blast as we go. And I am sure you will be inspired by everyday heroes that have stood up and overcome.

So my friend, dream with us. Rise with us. And determine that nothing is going to stop God’s purpose in your life.

Your time as a caterpillar has expired and your wings are ready!

All my love,
Donna xoxo

Donna Pisani co-pastors Capital City Church in Washington, D.C. with the love of her life, Dennis Pisani. She is addicted to kale chips, chocolate (preferably not together) and loves a good cappuccino.  She cherishes family time and date nights  and is currently hooked on Downton Abbey.  She is committed to seeing women flourish in life. For more, you can follow her on Twitter @donnapisani and Instagram @donnapisani.